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Vision of the Future in Full Effect at Loma Linda University Health


By Briana Pastorino
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A recent artist’s rendering of Loma Linda University Health’s new adult and Children’s Hospital towers gives a sense of the planned construction, made necessary by new seismic standards set by the state of California which will take effect in 2020. [Photo by Loma Linda University Health]

Construction is in full swing at Loma Linda University Health as demolition and dirt moving make way for the transformational vision of the organization.

Last year, Vision 2020: The Campaign for a Whole Tomorrow was revealed as the organization’s largest endeavor in its 110-year history, with an intent to raise $360 million.

Beyond the Vision 2020 philanthropic campaign, additional funding for health care will come from state grants, bond financing and cash flow from operations.

The Vision 2020 campaign addresses the future growth of education, research, health care and Loma Linda University Health’s emphasis on wholeness.

A major part of this vision is the construction of a new adult hospital and an expanded Children’s Hospital.

California passed new seismic requirements for hospitals that mandate a new adult hospital by the year 2020, and this has created a challenge that has been embraced as an opportunity to step forward in faith and an opportunity to build a new state-of-the-art hospital that best serves patients, medical staff and the students who train at Loma Linda University Health.

Ground was broken for a new parking structure earlier this year on the corner of Campus Street and Barton Road; in early August, demolition of old buildings on Prospect Avenue began, making way for the new hospital complex.

Groundbreaking for the two new towers is slated for May 2016.

While the total number of licensed beds will not increase, all of the rooms will be private, maximizing efficiency, utilization and quality of care. The new adult hospital will have 288 licensed beds with a future capacity for 320. The expanded Children’s Hospital will have a total of 349 licensed beds which includes existing compliant beds, and will have a future capacity of 377. 

The new adult tower will be 267 feet tall and will become the second tallest building in California’s Inland Empire.

One of the largest underserved populations in the nation sits steps from Loma Linda’s doors, and care and ministry have never been needed more than now.

The goals of Vision 2020 will allow Loma Linda University Health to continue to meet the needs of its community, while enhancing its facilities to provide mission-focused education that prepares students for service around the world.

The organization’s motto, “to make man whole,” is evident in the new plans. At the entrance, a chapel will be in sight, reinforcing that this is a space where patients, families, staff and community members can experience a healing environment and whole-person care.

Concurrently, Vision 2020 is also raising funds to enhance scholarships, support research and expand the Wholeness Institute. Education and training for service are central to each of these plans for the future, as they strive to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

More information is available at www.lluhvision2020.org.

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