What Can We Do During the Pandemic? – Seventh-day Adventist Church

April 1, 2020 | Miami, Florida, United States | By: Melchor Ferreyra, Inter-American Division News

On August 13, 1894, Ellen G. White wrote Pastor Haskell a letter where she discusses her deep concern for the people who are dying because of the influenza virus. She writes,

“Throughout New South Wales we have been tested and tried with the influenza epidemic. Nearly every family has been afflicted in the cities and country towns. Some are now very, very sick. Their lives are hanging in the balance. We pray for the sick, and do what we can financially, and then wait the result… One day last week there were eleven funerals… Children do not seem to suffer so much as the adults and the aged. I have been severely attacked, and have not been able to attend meetings for four weeks; but have not given up to take to my bed one day. I have written my number of pages nearly every day, though I have been coughing and sneezing and bleeding at the nose. Brother Colcord has been confined to his bed. Nearly everyone around has suffered but I thank the Lord I am improving and am of good courage in the Lord. We shall do all we can in the name of the Lord… I do not have to look on helplessly, and groan and pray in seeing my brethren and sisters in distress…God’s people are being tried and tested, and may God grant that I may be able to help them through the trial…and by so doing be able to cling to Jesus more firmly than ever.” (Letter 30, August 13, 1894).

It is important to emphasize that, when she got the letter, Ellen White was already 66 years old, and as such, she was a high-risk person. Her trust in God, however, and her lifestyle helped her to hold on in that moment of crisis, and to be victorious.


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