“Wherever you are and in whatever setting you find yourself right now, God is calling you to be part of His last-day message to a world crying for eternal answers.” :Adventist News Online


s Seventh-day Adventists we are people with a mission; we are people with a purpose. And what a privilege it is to be called by God to join Him in His amazing mission and purpose in these last days of earth’s history.

In the past few months we have seen how quickly world events can change. Almost overnight, as it were, world economies were hit hard, community and business life almost shut down, and of course we’ve also seen terrible loss in human life.

This has brought many challenges to our world church—to our institutions, to our mission activities, to our local churches, and to our church members. At every level we’ve had to make some very hard decisions regarding funding and personnel.

But the good news is that we serve a risen Savior, and He’s in the world today. Despite the uncertainty and fear surrounding us, God is still leading His church. And we know that we can look forward with confidence and certainty to the future.

The words of the prophet Joel were written many centuries ago in different circumstances, but in some ways,  they were under very similar circumstances. In the earlier part of his prophecy Joel describes a shocking picture of a land in mourning from locust attack and plague—animals groaning and in pain, rivers drying up and farmers in despair. He says, “Surely joy has withered away” (Joel 1:12). It’s a poignant picture of terrible suffering. But then in chapter 2:21 we read these words of hope: “Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things” (Joel 2:21). 

Today in 2020 we can also cast away fear and be glad and rejoice, because we know the Lord will again do great things as we see prophecy being fulfilled and Christ’s second coming approaching.


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