Wind blew but fire stood


jun 21 2018
Ccacaccollo, Peru

Making lunch took some work for Alejandro Gonzales Qquerar, a farmer and father of four children in Peru.

First, he needed to dig a hole in the ground. Then he would place wood and stones into the hole and light a fire. When the flames caused the stones to turn red and then black, he would throw some potatoes on top of them. After that, he would cover the potatoes with dirt and cold rocks, which would put out the fire. The potatoes would bake in the hot earth and, after about 20 minutes, they would be ready to eat.

Alejandro got to work, digging the hole in a small clearing in his field of barley. The crop was dry and nearly ready to harvest. Alejandro placed the wood and stones into the hole and lit the fire.

A strong wind began to blow.

As the fire slowly grew in the hole, the wind caught hold of a spark and blew it over to the barley field. The dry stalks quickly ignited and the flames, fueled by the wind, raced across the field and entered a neighbor’s barley field. Several other neighbors also had fields nearby.

Alejandro helplessly watched in horror. His raw potatoes lie forgotten at his feet. The wind blew harder, and he had to put his hand to his head to keep his hat from flying off. The fire was out of control, and he couldn’t stop it.

Crying to God

He fell onto his knees and took of his hat.

“God, what are you doing now?” he cried out. “If all the crops burn, I don’t have the money to reimburse my neighbors. Please perform a miracle and put out the fire. Amen.”


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