Woman builds a church for Adventists in Tanzania


Recently, a woman, who is not a Seventh-day Adventist, committed to building a new Adventist Church at Kinesi, Rorya, in the district of Mara, Tanzania.

Tanzania’s Adventist Kiswahili Magazine “Sauti Kuu” or “Great Voice” in English, was able to speak to the donor, who lives in the city of Dar es Saalam. The donor insisted to remain anonymous

While she doesn’t want any attention for her recent donation, the donor did answer why she decided to give money for an Adventist Church to be built, “I wished not to say anything until the building is complete,” she said. “The reason is to encourage people to work for God, I will explain: I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit whispering, ‘build the church.’ Since everything belongs to God, and we are stewards, I decided to obey. I have built the church not for fame, but for the accomplishment of Gods purpose.”

The plot on which the new church is being built, was donated by the donors grandfather. By giving this donation, the donor is able to keep his memory alive and allow the blessing to be passed down to future generations. While the donor could have built a church for the church she attends, she felt the Holy Spirit inspiring her to build this one for Adventists. She believes her neighbors in Kinesi will be saved through it. Besides the church, the donor has also fixed a road for easy accessibility.

President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Northern Tanzania, Pastor Godwin Lekundayo, visited Kinesi and thanked God for the spirit of this generous woman. While Lekundayo has not personally met the donor, he plans to write a letter of appreciation.

Speaking to “Sauti kuu” Samuel Irungu who is supervising the church construction and brother to the donor, said their family is finishing a project their late grandfather initiated twenty years ago when he donated a plot of land to the Adventist church


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