You Are Worthy ‒ Area 1 Teens’ Day


4th April 2019

On Sabbath 23 March Area 1 ran its first Teens’ Day at Plymouth church. The event was aimed at teenagers and parents but of course everyone was invited to attend. The church was full of people visiting from both Devon and Cornwall.

Being a teenager in a small church can be very difficult especially when there are not many youth in a range of ages. Often, we find that they would rather be at football practice or hanging out with friends their own age elsewhere.

Growing up in the Church I always felt that I should know more, that I should be able to recite hundreds of Bible texts from memory and know the answers to all the Sabbath School questions right away. I felt that I wasn’t good enough to lead the lesson or tell my friends about God because I may say something wrong. Now my thinking has changed but when I see the teenagers in church now, I often wonder if they think the same as I did at that age which led me to the day’s topic of ‘You Are Worthy’.

Things slotted into place nicely with our speaker, Pastor Jeremy Tremeer, already thinking along the same lines as me. The morning ran smoothly with Otniel Cupertino sharing the children’s story before a beautiful acoustic duet of ‘How Deep the Father’s Love for Us’ from Gemma and Jackie Hall.

Pastor Tremeer’s Pastor-Jeremy-Tremeermessage taught us not to be afraid of our shortcomings and like Peter, we should ‘wear our hearts on our sleeves’. Peter was ‘real’ with God. Jesus could work with his doubts and shortcomings because he was authentic, not fake. Our worth is not dictated by human judgment. God’s ‘Reckless Love’ is always with us no matter what. Even when we show Him our worst, He was still willing to sacrifice Himself for us.


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