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Young people build church shelter and ready 39 candidates for baptism

Young people build church shelter and ready 39 candidates for baptism

May 07, 2020  |  Morobe, Papua New Guinea  | 

Young people build church shelter and ready 39 candidates for baptism

While many Adventists in Lae have found COVID-19 restrictions distressing and limiting to their faith journey, Akaly Vetalis and Numan Asine—young people from Bumbu Sand church, a community of nearly 400 people—have treated the restrictions as an opportunity for ministry.

Vetalis and Asine visited Micah Akui, youth ministries director for the Morobe Mission, requesting leadership resources for their newly-built church.

“At first I did not quite understand what they were up to,” explained Akui. “So I gave them a couple of Bible study materials and I sent them back.”

A few weeks later, the pair visited again and explained how they were building a church shelter so that more young people could come and take Bible studies with them. In response, Akui introduced them to the World Changers Bible (WCB) project and resources.

“I gave a brief instruction on how to facilitate WCB training for the youth in their small group. Numan and Akaly then took the Bibles and study guide back to their small group and did as I instructed,” he said.

In total, 39 young people have made the decision to be baptized as a result of the studies—22 young people from the World Changer group, three former church members, six existing baptismal candidates, and eight new interests.

In addition, WCB Ambassadors (a program for young people who finish Pathfinders) who previously attended Bible studies with their church were also challenged by the baptisms and decided to also become World Changers.

“It was truly amazing how God can work through two youths to touch the heart of many,” said Akui. “I have instructed Numan and Akaly to arrange with their church pastor for the baptism of the World Changer candidates.”

The WCB small group at Bumbu Sand are continuing to gather regularly for Bible studies in their newly built shelter.

“All glory to God when we see or hear the youth of the church who could boldly stand up and share the love of Jesus to their peer group,” Akui commented, “most important of all, helping them to make firm decision to be baptized and start a new journey with Jesus Christ and be another world changer for Jesus.”


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