Young People in Inter-America Reach Out to Thousands on Global Youth Day

Young People in Inter-America Reach Out to Thousands on Global Youth Day

April 5, 2021

After more than a year of pandemic lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, thousands of Seventh-day Adventist young people across Inter-America took to the streets in their communities and on their mobile devices to share hope and show acts of kindness on Global Youth Day, Mar. 20, 2021.

The annual event, which is observed by the world church, encourages Adventist youth to “Be the Sermon” in their communities as they portray the love of Jesus through various activities.


Young people from the western part of Chiapas, Mexico, pose with water bottles that they will give away to onlookers on Global Youth Day, Mar. 20, 2021. [Photo: Chiapas Mexican Union]

Reaching out to local communities


This year, the focus was about reaching out to those who are of different color, culture and language.

“I was so moved to see so much passion for global ministries and passion to serve from our young people in the Inter-American Division,” said Pastor Al Powell, youth ministries director for the church in Inter-America. “Despite the pandemic that seemed to dampen the spirit of young people last year with its initial strict lockdowns, this year was a great opportunity for the youth to shine for Jesus.” Their talents, innovation and dedication for witnessing is especially electrifying to see each year, said Powell.

During a brief afternoon GYD live program on Facebook, Powell, along with church leaders and young people, shared different mission projects taking place among different people groups across the Inter-American Division (IAD) territory, young people in mission service around the world, and various impact activities taking place during the day.

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