Young woman with cancer travels halfway across Brazil to participate in Reset camp


Four-day event draws over 10,000 young people

December 03, 2018
/ Castanhal, Para, Brazil
/ Anne Seixas

Young woman with cancer travels halfway across Brazil to participate in Reset camp[Photo courtesy of the South American Division]

Rosangela Cardoso is a youth leader and physical education teacher at an Adventist school in Tucurui, southern Para, Brazil. “Two years ago it became painful for me to breathe. At first, doctors said it was a temporary pain, a side effect of a pneumonia I had,” says Cardoso. Last year, in greater pain, she returned to the hospital. After running several tests, the doctors diagnosed her symptoms as emotionally related and gave her some medication. Her health only worsened. 

A new reality

In May 2018, no longer able to cope with her situation, she again sought a physician. More tests were run and sent to São Paulo for verification. The diagnosis was confirmed—cancer of the pleura, the membrane surrounding the lungs. “I was desperate. I did not know what was going to happen to me,” she explains in tears. 

At the same time, there was a youth camp in her region and she had worked hard to make it possible for her youth group to go. It was there that they learned of their leader’s illness. “I was very sad that I couldn’t go. I had worked very hard to go to that camp, so I was devastated,” she says. 

Cardoso moved to Barretos, in São Paulo, to begin her cancer treatment. The doctors told her that her chances for cure were very small, but she did not give up. Meanwhile, she urged her friend and boss to register for Reset, a Seventh-day Adventist youth camp in northern Brazil, held November 14-18, 2018. This event brought together over 10,000 young people from Pará, Amapá and Maranhão. To attend Reset, participants had to be members of a youth society. This is a group organized by local churches to promote social interaction, group Bible study, and strengthen community spirit.


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