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Youth Camp Took Place in Kazakhstan

Credit - ESD

On July 7–10, near ​​​​the reservoir in Topar, Kazakhstan, a youth camp called “I, you, Christ” was held. The event was attended by about 80 young people from all over Kazakhstan.

Credit - ESD

Credit – ESD

For four days, young people had the opportunity to communicate and share spiritual experience and knowledge with each other. Such a youth meeting allowed the attendees to escape from the hustle and bustle, unite in relaxation in the heart of nature, and contemplate the beautiful creations of God.

Many young people were impressed by this camp. It is worth noting that friendliness and responsiveness reigned in the camp throughout the four days. Kindness was felt in every word or deed.

Credit - ESD

Credit – ESD

Many enjoyed the outdoor games, reservoir, fireside worship, Sabbath service, and inspiring experiences of their peers.

It is impossible not to mention the seminar that took place on Sabbath afternoon on the topic of choosing a life partner. This topical issue for young people allowed them to approach the issue of marriage and family life more wisely.

Credit - ESD

Credit – ESD

There was no time to be bored. Beautiful nature, new acquaintances, communication, and a wonderful vacation—this is the Topar 2022 campout. Thank God, as well as the organizers of the camp, for the excellent joint time of rest and gratitude!




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