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Youth rally ends in prayer for speaker’s newborn son


Youth rally attendees gather around Pastor Polite to pray for his newborn son.

The Greater Sydney Conference youth rally on Sabbath ended with earnest prayer—for the guest speaker’s newborn son who is fighting for life.

Pastor Michael Polite, associate chaplain and lead pastor at Andrews University, had been conducting a youth week of worship at Wahroonga Adventist Church when he received the heart-wrenching news that his baby was set to arrive three months early.

Understandably, he was ready to take the first plane back to the US to be with his wife Lorraine and their baby, who was due to arrive in June and is their first child. But after talking it through with his wife, he stayed in Sydney to finish the week of worship and youth rally.

Pastor Polite told those at the rally that he and Lorraine had been praying for the program for a month prior to his arrival in Sydney. Despite the challenges she was facing, Mrs Polite urged him to stay and complete the program. She told her husband that God had given him a special message for the youth of Sydney and that that message needed to be heard.

Pastor Polite speaking on Sabbath.

“Live Loud” was the theme of the program, which began on March 4 with a presentation by Pastor Ray Moaga after Pastor Polite’s flight was delayed in the US. The program continued each evening, concluding with the youth rally on Sabbath (March 10), which was attended by about 1000 people.

At the youth rally, Pastor Polite spoke about the need to seek the Holy Spirit’s presence within us all of the time, not just momentarily when things get tough.

“This Live Loud movement means so much to me because I can see the Holy Spirit using this movement to call everyone here today to take over the city of Sydney, not just to increase the membership of your churches, not just to increase your tithes and offerings. I’m talking about declaring war on the realm of darkness and saying God loves the city of Sydney,” he said.

Wahroonga associate pastor Richie Reid said Pastor Polite’s messages were inspiring and gave a fresh perspective to some well-known Bible stories.

“It was fresh and vibrant and straight to the heart of the young people,” Pastor Reid said. “It was really well received.”

The Sabbath program was made extra special with the baptisms of Wahroonga youth Rosie Fairfax and teenagers Mia and Mason Windus.

Rosie Fairfax, Mason and Mia Windus were baptised as part of the Sabbath program.

It was the second time that the Greater Sydney Conference has partnered with Wahroonga church to run the youth rally.

Podcasts from the program are available via the Wahroonga Adventist Youth Facebook page.

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